Did you ever imagine that one day you’d be concerned for your child’s safety just by sending them to school? On a daily basis the news is filled with reports of incidents and scares around the country. Our schools are the heart of Croswell-Lexington and it’s time to regain the feeling of security in our district. We can no longer afford to sit back and hope that our students, teachers and staff are safe.

The past two years have been hard on our district. It’s been an emotional roller coaster of change. And while we have all felt some of the pains from these events, it’s change in the right direction. Now it’s time for us to do what we do best. Be PIONEERS. By the very definition, Pioneers lead the way

. A couple years ago funds were raised by a local group to outfit Meyer school with door stopping devices to help secure our students and staff in case of threat inside the building. We would love to help finish this project by raising the funds for similar devices for the rest of the Croswell-Lexington district including Geiger Early Education Building, Frostick Elementary, Cros-Lex Middle School, Cros-Lex High School and Pioneer High School.

Starting today, we are announcing “Project Pioneer Adopt a Door. For $75 you can cover the cost of a device for a door in one of the buildings. In addition to door adoptions, we are accepting donations in any size from individuals, organizations and corporate groups. Our goal is to raise $20,000 for this project. This will fully fund devices for all buildings.

ALL MONEY WILL BE USED BY THE DISTRICT TO INCREASE SAFETY IN OUR SCHOOLS. Donations can be made payable to Croswell-Lexington Community Schools 5407 Peck Rd, Croswell, MI 48422. Please note that your donation is for Adopt a Door. All donations are tax deductible. 

THANK YOU for your continued support of our district, our staff members, our students and our future. Our children are truly our most important resource, let’s work to keep them safe!


*Parent Sponsored Initiative