Welcome to the 2018-19 Board of Education

Each board meeting will be held on the third Tuesday of each month and on the 4th Tuesday in June.

( Left to Right) Russ Nowiski, Mike Noll, Katie Gordon, Amy Stillson, Dennis Gardner, Jason Gillette and Joe Vitale

Board Minutes

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Committee of the Whole

March 6, 2018 M.S. Media Center

​Board Members

Katie Gordon- President
Dennis Gardner - Vice President
Joe Vitale - Secretary
Mike Noll - Treasurer
Russ Nowiski - Trustee
Jason Gillette - Trustee
Aime Stillson - Trustee

Dan Gilbertson - Superintendent



Board Calendar 2018-19

Each regular and organizational board meeting will be held on the third Monday of each
the month and the fourth Monday is the Committee of the Whole meeting.