District Communication

Dear Cros-Lex Families:

This message is sent to provide families with an update to our return to school plan and to share with you additional information since the Monday July 27th Board of Education meeting.

The Board approved “Covid-19 Preparedness and Response Plan” is now available for your review, and the district plan can be found on our website under the croslex.org/covid link. Also, please take a look at our new FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) document also found on our website to assist families with answers to commonly asked questions.  We will plan to update the FAQ document as more information becomes available from the local health department and the Michigan Department of Education. 

As discussed and presented at the Board meeting on July 27th, our District and School Administration have worked together with our Teaching staff and sent out last week an input survey to parents to guide us with our staffing decisions, as well as to guide parents to determine if 100% virtual learning, or face-to-face instruction was the best choice for their children. The results of the survey can also be found on our district website under the croslex.org/covid link. The results of the survey will provide families with an overview of parent interest in enrolling students in a 100% virtual learning platform. 

As a follow up to the parent survey sent out last week, the District and School Administration is requesting all parents who are committing to enroll their child(ren) in 100% Virtual Learning through our district accredited schools for the first semester, are asked to complete the registration link no later than August 12th at 5:00 PM. You can access the online registration forms on our district website.   

Thank you, and go Pioneers!