Cros-Lex District Communication

March 17, 2021

Dear Cros-Lex Families:

Since the beginning of the school year, our dedicated professional and support staff have worked hard to keep our schools open for face-2-face learning and have continued to offer 100% virtual learning to families who chose that option. Throughout the school year for our face-2-face students, we have continued to follow the Sanilac County Health Department’s guidelines to keep our schools open, and safe for in person learning.

One of the most disruptive challenges all of us are facing is when we are required to quarantine students after a COVID-19 positive case is confirmed in our schools. Recently I shared with the Sanilac County Health Department and McKenzie Health Medical professionals the Ohio Schools’ COVID-19 Evaluation (OSCE) research study on quarantining students in public schools. Last night the District received the following official confirmation:

  • Proper mask wearing remains in effect.

  • Quarantining measurements in classrooms only will be more flexible and reduced to 3 feet or higher.

  • Continued emphasis on social distancing remains in effect.

  • Proper hygiene and hand washing remains in effect.

  • Continued cleaning and disinfection protocols remain in place.

Note: The above modifications could change depending upon the Sanilac County Health Department guidelines. 

Due to the changes bulleted above, both the Croswell-Lexington Middle and High School will be permitting from March 17th - March 24th a transfer from in person face-2- face learning to 100% virtual learning. Request forms can be found on the district website or by contacting your son or daughter’s school.

Due to upcoming required state testing schedules and COVID-19 quarantine concerns impacted by Spring Break, the following schedule changes will occur in the month of April.

  • As a precautionary measure following many travelers over spring break to potential “hot spots”, and with the intent to reduce the chance of mass quarantining, the following schedule change will occur:

  • April 5th - District Full Remote Day Pre-K-12

  • April 6th-April 9th - Hybrid Schedule

     April 6th Face to Face by Alphabet Last Name (A-L)

     Remote Learning by Alphabet Last Name (M-Z)   

    April 7th Full Day (previously scheduled as a half day)

    Face to Face by Alphabet Last Name (M-Z)

    Remote Learning by Alphabet Last Name (A-L)

    April 8th Face to Face by Alphabet Last Name (A-L)

    Remote Learning by Alphabet Last Name (M-Z)

    April 9th Face to Face by Alphabet Last Name (M-Z)

    Remote Learning by Alphabet Last Name (A-L)        

  • Due to the 11th grade ACT WorkKeys Assessment Schedule on April 14th, the following adjustments to the schedule will occur: 

    • Grades K-4: Half Day with 12:00 PM Dismissal (lunch will be provided before dismissal)

    • Grades 5-8: Half Day with 11:45 PM Dismissal.

    • Grades 9, 10, and 12:  Remote Learning Day

    • Grade 11 ACT WorkKeys Testing with 11:45 AM Dismissal / Students with an IEP will be able to test the full day on April 14th as needed. Transportation will need to be arranged for our special education students that are testing. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate together through this challenging, pandemic learning school year. 


Daniel Gilbertson