5th Grade

Pencils (several packages)

Lined paper - 1 package - give to first-hour teacher

Spiral notebooks -

 1 for science (green)

 1 for social studies (yellow)

             1 for math (blue)

             1 for ELA (red)

             1 for ELA journal (purple or black) 

Pocket Folders 

Red (ELA/Reading)

Yellow (Social Studies)

Green (Science)

Blue (Math)

Purple (Homework)

Highlighters x 2-3

Erasers x 1 large and several pencil toppers

Colored pencils x a full packet

Earbuds or headphones (used daily in classes) - 1 set

Glue sticks x a full packet


Pencil Pouch that can be put into 3 ring binder 

Dry Erase Markers x2

Not required, but many students like to carry a binder around with their folders for each subject inside.  

5th-grade students will be provided with a planner for the 2020-2021 school year - Parents will need to sign the planner every night for the entire school year. 


These are not required but makes a nice contribution/donation to the classroom.  Students would give these to their 1st-hour teacher.

Boxes of Kleenex

Hand Sanitizer


Clorox Wipes

Ziploc Bags (various sizes)

(Updated 6/10/2020)