Request for Proposal

This section lists the proposals currently out for bid. After the bids have been opened, evaluated, and awarded; a recap for the proposal is listed on the website for vendors and public information.

Be sure to read Bid and Proposal documents thoroughly. Project specific dates, timelines, specifications, general bid conditions and other pertinent data will be included for each RFP.

Current RFPs

Release Date

RFP Title (Download or Link as indicated)

Pre Bid Date

District Contact

Quote/Bid Due Date


CLCS HVAC Controls Upgrades

04/29/2022@ 3:30pm via Microsoft Teams

Rachel Saunders


05/06/2022@ 3:00pm


Tennis, Track, MS Marquee Proposal Project

12/01/2021@ 3:00pm via Microsoft Teams

Rachel Saunders


12/15/2021 @ 3:30pm


Snow Removal RFP 2022


Rachel Saunders


10/05/2022@ 3:30pm

Croswell-Lexington Bidding requirements

Bidders shall submit with his/her bid, a bid guarantee at the minimum amount of 5% percent of the total bid price, which shall be in the form of a firm commitment such as a bid bond or irrevocable letter of credit. To the successful bidder, upon execution of such further contractual documents (i.e. insurance coverage) and bonds as may be required by the bid.

Selecting Proposals

Proposals will be selected using the following criteria at minimum (listed in order of importance) which are all subject to review by our staff and under Cros-Lex Board Policy 6320:

  • Price

    Integration with existing architecture/management

  • Technical Specifications, Design and Service Level Agreement

  • Other costs factors (including price of ineligible goods and services, prices of changing providers, price for breaking contracts, etc.)

  • Warranty/Service/Support

    Product Availability and Delivery

  • Vendor’s adherence to bid specifications

Other Selection Criteria

  • Alternatives, variations and exceptions must be clearly stated.

  • We reserve the right to consider proposals based on their relative merit, risk and value to our school district

  • We reserve the right to negotiate with any vendor. The successful vendors may be asked to participate in negotiations and be asked to revise their proposals based on these negotiations.

  • We reserve the right to cancel in part or in full, this RFP if it is in the best interest of our students.

  • This RFP does not commit us to award a contract, to pay any costs incurred in the preparation of a response to this request, or to procure or contract for services or equipment.

  • Where the quantity purchased effects the price per unit, the vendor is to indicate the price break points in relation to the number of units.

  • Product pricing shall be in effect for the period covered for 45 days.

  • The vendor's proposal will indicate the product's availability and a delivery timetable.

  • All bids must be itemized and include the per unit and total extended cost of items. All delivery, shipping, and insurance charges must also be listed.

  • In submitting a bid, each vendor represents that they have read and understand these requirements.

  • Rejection of Proposals

The District reserves the right to accept or reject all proposals and to waive any minor discrepancies or technicalities in the proposal or specifications, or in the event that if this project fails, or when deemed to be in the best interest of the District. The Cros-Lex Board of Education can terminate, reject the bids at any time and without notice.