FAFSA - college money

Here is a copy of the email that was sent to all seniors yesterday (Dec 7). Senior parents, please make sure your senior is completing their FAFSA on time!


Please take the time to get your FAFSA completed by this Friday.  Remember, if a parent does not already have an FSAID, they must create one the same way you did.  The FSAID is used to electronically sign the FAFSA and you and a parent must both sign it.  Below are links to take you to the FSAID creation page and also a link to FAFSA.

Make sure when you are selecting colleges to have your FAFSA sent to that you include all schools you have applied to or will apply to.  They cannot offer you an accurate awards package if they do not receive your FAFSA. 

Any senior that has completed their FAFSA by Tuesday, December 15th, will be entered into a drawing for Amazon gift cards.  To be entered into the drawing, you must forward me the confirmation email you received from the U.S. Department of Education.  The subject line will be 'Processed Successfully: 2021-22 FAFSA Form'.  This email will contain no personal information; it is just a confirmation that your FAFSA was submitted successfully and processed.  I attached a copy of what the email will look like for your reference.

In addition, if you have not yet completed college applications, you should plan to have them done before the Christmas/New Year break.  Don't forget that you need to request transcripts through Parchment for every college you apply to.

For your reference, I am resending the presentation we reviewed in early November.  If you have any questions or need help, please let me know.  I am here to help each of you.

Mrs. Paradoski